Where is Erzurum located?

Erzurum is positioned as the highest city of Turkey with the plateau on which it is located, with mountain ranges and flatlands surrounding it. There are Artvin-Rize on the north, Bayburt-Erzincan on the west, Bingöl-Muş on the south and Ağrı-Kars on the east of Erzurum which is found in the Eastern Anatolia Region. The city spreads to a wide area at the feet of Eğerli Mountain on the Palandöken Mountain Range on the southeastern valley cited with his name on the upper basin of Karasu which is the beginning part of Fırat River.

The city has become an important accommodation and trade center leading to the Mediterranean countries for the Iranian-Indian and the Middle Asian trade since the Middle Age. Erzurum, having hosted many civilizations such as Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman, has succeeded to bring prominent works of art like Double Minaret Madrasa, Ulu Mosque, Yahudiye Madrasa and Erzurum Castle to the present. There are also important historical places such as Anı Ancient City (250 km), Ishak Pasha Palace (280 km) close to the city. Erzurum which has advantaged geographical values and natural conditions for High-Altitude Trainings, winter and nature sports draws attention also with its availability. The city center is 10 km away from Erzurum Airport and Palandöken Ski Center is at a distance of only 15 km.


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